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  | header = '''''Kirkebøger'''''   
  | text = • [[Kirkebøger - registre og afskrifter]] <br/>
  | text = • [[Kirkebøger - registre og afskrifter]] <br/>
• [[Kirkebøger. Registre og afskrifter]]

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Anetavler Anetavle: Niels Kristian Kristensen og Astrid Marie Andersen
Anetavle: Jens Juul Hansen og Johanne Birgitte Nielsen
Navneregister Navneregister: Niels Kristian Kristensen og Astrid Marie Andersens slægt
Navneregister: Jens Juul Hansen og Johanne Birgitte Nielsens slægt
Anetavle for efterkommere efter Gerda og Arne Kristensen
Enkelte personer og genstande Maren Kjerstine Jensen, (1863-1931). Written by Dorothy Gerue
Ske fra 1777     
Ejendomshistorie • As Sogn: Bæklund     Katrinebjerg     Ottosminde     Thomashøj
• Blenstrup Sogn: Lergravhus     Ølandshuset     Blenstrupvej 39, Askildrup
• Bælum Sogn: Bælumgård
• Farstrup Sogn: Erkildstrupvej 3
• Glud Sogn: Koldsgård      Nørgård     Stougård
• Gørding Sogn (Hjerm Herred): Slykgård
• Nees Sogn: Nr. Ballesig
• Rårup Sogn: Brandstub     Bygaden 25     Bygaden 37     Gramrodevej 2     Nøttrupgård     Stærmosegård      Østermarksvej 5
• Ulfborg Sogn: Ulfborg Kjærgaard     Vestergaard
Sognehistorier Sognehistorier. En bibliografi
Kirkebøger Kirkebøger - registre og afskrifter
Kirkebøger. Registre og afskrifter
Stater Stater. En bibliografi
Hvem er jeg Lidt om mig selv


Genealogical table East Jutland family - Jens Juul Hansen og Johanne Birgitte Nielsen
Index of names Names: East Jutland family - Jens Juul Hansen og Johanne Birgitte Nielsen

Until now I have limited my genealogical research to Jutland. More precisely, the land to the north of the “Kongeaaen” that was the boundary between Denmark and Germany in the years 1864-1920. In old times it was the boundary between North Jutland and Schleswig-Holstein.

My parents come from two different places in Jutland. That is why I have separated my family table into two parts. My father's family comes from Himmerland (North Jutland) and West Jutland. My mother's family comes from East Jutland.

My family is a typical example of the composition of the population over a period of time. It is mostly farmers, people of humble means and, to a limited number, people of higher social classes.

I have been working on my family history for almost 40 years, and I still do. I have found much information in literature of genealogy and local history, as well as on the Internet. But the greater part is found by doing research in the various archives in Denmark.

You are welcome to use my material for your own use, and for references and citations please add this:

Reference: Kristensen, Birgit Juul: My Jutland family.

Use of this material in another context is only allowed with my permission.

If you are interested in the information of one or more persons, you are welcome to contact me. I am ready to receive comments and questions, too.

Please contact me by sending a mail to:

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